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The Pocketbook 2017 Edition is packed with new information and more detailed analyses that have not hitherto been available. These include

  • An easy to read and interpret commentary and analysis of Brexit with a focus on the Agricultural industry. 
  • Analysis of once-a-day milking dairy herds
  • Analysis of 3-times-a-day milking dairy herds
  • Neither of these have been included in the previous 50 years. They are both becoming more important with the pressure of low milk prices and lifestyle reasons
  • Cost of production figures in most gross margin schedules
  • Each arable and dairy gross margin now has the same information presented in either £ per tonne or p per litre making analysis easier.
  • Detailed input cost explanations for arable crops
  • Whilst the various agrichemical details and fertiliser make up have been available, they are now all clearly laid out for each individual gross margin allowing detailed comparative analysis to be easily undertaken.
  • Cider apples feature for the first time
  • Detailed top fruit establishment costs
  • Cider apples account for the largest fruit area in the UK, so need including, and tree establishment is the greatest cost of an orchard so needs detailing.
  • More depth is included on contract farming agreements
  • Capital Employed in Machinery
  • We continue to explore the machinery requirements on farm in more detail

The John Nix Farm Management Pocketbook has been fully revised and updated for 2017, keeping it the most useful book of its type (and the cheapest by a long way).

It includes over 300 pages of fully revised data, includes gross margins, overheads, rents, finance, all capital, grants, taxation and much more.

Download the contents page free for full details and click on the sample page for an insight of what's in it.